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Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Floor

Most widely used floor for storing all kinds of materials is mezzanine floor. The STO Mezzanine floor is constructed with plywood and steel. The space is designed according to the load per sq.mt. and height. The unique aspect of mezzanine floor is that the floor can be relocated to meet varying requirements.

Rack-supported mezzanine floor are the most economical way to create an additional floor level using standard pallet rack components. Metal Impacts has experience in designing, and maximizes your storage space. Rack-supported mezzanine floor can be built over existing equipment and work areas. rack-supported mezzanine floor can eliminate downtime and expensive relocation costs.

Engineering and installing industrial rack supported mezzanine systems that utilize the cubic area of warehouses.
Maximizes your storage space.
By improving workflow efficiency and space utilization.
Cold formed light gauge sections with high strength to weight ration.

Creating office/storage space above production area.
Warehouses, Industrial Shops.